'Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Says Don't Invest In O.J. Simpson Stuff

Nothing hurts the value of an autograph like murder ... which is why O.J. Simpson's got a big problem on his hands, so says "Pawn Stars" honcho Rick Harrison. With Simpson arguably more famous now...
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O.J. Simpson Gets Prison Protection, Possibly In Danger

O.J. Simpson has been moved to a special housing area in Lovelock Correctional Center to protect him from inmates possibly looking to harm him in order to make a name for themselves, TMZ Sports has...
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Why the future of deep learning depends on finding good data

In the second part of our “A Mathless Guide to Neural Networks”, we’ll take a look at why high-quality, labeled data is so important, where it comes from, how it’s used, and what solutions our...
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Ex-cop murder trial: Jury begins deliberation

The seven-member jury in the murder trial of former police constable Mark Russell has started its deliberations. The five women and two men retired to the jury room at 10:36 this morning after presiding judge, Justice David Fraser, wrapped up his... Source:...

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