Stocks fall sharply as U.S. government warns of hard weeks ahead

A recent redbound in domestic equity prices faded further into the distance today, as American stocks fell for a second consecutive day following modest Tuesday declines. After rising from new 52...
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Royal Caribbean Cruise Won't Give Nurses Refunds for Convention

The no-refunds rage continues -- this time it's folks on the frontlines helping us fight coronavirus who are getting screwed, and it's all because a cruise line won't budge. TMZ has learned ......
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O.J. Simpson Convinced Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband, 'Tiger Sashimi'

O.J. Simpson -- who most people believe got away with murder -- is publicly accusing Carole Baskin of GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER! WHAT. IS. HAPPENING!?!?! Juice says he finally got around to watching...
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Santa Monica Farmers Market Crowded with Shoppers

Southern California still doesn't quite get the need to social distance from one another, because a popular farmers market in Santa Monica was teeming with shoppers who were awfully close together. These pics were snapped Wednesday AM, as folks… Source: Tmz...

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