The group claims it's holding the brother of Salman Abedi for allegedly plotting new attack

Armed soldiers will be deployed to key sites around the United Kingdom as the country moved to its highest alert level for the first time in a decade following Monday's attack at an Ariana Grande...
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Manchester Arena Explosion Victims Offered Free Surgeries by Beverly Hills Doctors (PHOTO GALLERY)

The surviving victims of the Manchester Arena explosion have a new ally ... 5,000 miles from the UK. Face Forward -- a Beverly Hills-based non-profit that helps survivors of violent and disfiguring...
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Jamie Foxx Says Oprah Saved Him from Alcohol (VIDEO)

Jamie Foxx was on a fast track to blowing his career after he made the movie "Ray" ... and Oprah told him so and scared him straight. The Academy Award-winning actor went on "The Howard Stern Show"...
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Lakers Hire Kim Kardashian's Ass Guru As Strength Coach

The Los Angeles Laker's asses might be bustin' out the back of their shorts next year ... 'cause the team just hired Kim Kardashian's personal trainer (ass guru) Gunnar Peterson as their new strength coach. Kim ain't the only famous client Gunnar… Source: Tmz...

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The Pope, the President and the wall between them

After meeting with Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia and visiting sacred sites in Jerusalem, President Donald Trump's tour of world religions will conclude Wednesday at the Vatican, the Catholic Church's holy headquarters. Source: CNN Feed

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