LAPD Says Nipsey Hussle Not Target in Marathon Gang Investigation

Nipsey Hussle was not going to be prosecuted for any type of gang activity at the time of his death ... the LAPD was trying to curb gang activity in and around his store, but he was never the...
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R. Kelly's Alleged Victim's Father Will Pay Her Rent If She Moves Out

R. Kelly isn't the only man who can put a roof over the head of his alleged victims ... Azriel Clary's father is also dangling free rent, if she opens up communication with her family. Angelo Clary...
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Celebs Like Streisand, Wintour Donating to Multiple Presidential Candidates

A bunch of big celebs like a bunch of Presidential candidates ... so they're funding a bunch of candidates with the hope one of them makes a move on January 20, 2021 ... to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave....
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Mark Taylor on 'Home Improvement' 'Memba Him?!

San Francisco born Taran Noah Smith was only 7 years old when he shot to stardom for playing the youngest Taylor son, Mark, on the clumsy construction comedy "Home Improvement" from 1991 to 1999.  Taran Noah Smith was cast alongside an awesome… Source: Tmz...

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Massive blaze consumes business, home

When a St Andrew resident received a call at work to return home urgently yesterday, her heart skipped a beat. She wasted no time in jumping into public transportation, only to discover on her arrival that a section of her house was ablaze. With... Source:...

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Church calls for collaboration to tackle crime

The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) has chided the Government for seemingly formulating and implementing crime-fighting ideas on its own without including or consulting with the Church or civil-society groups. A release yesterday from the JCC... Source:...

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